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Why did you choose us?

Eleven years experience in industrial site,Know you more

The tripod with two handles becomes the network establishment has been for thousands of customers with the Internet technology and services,We understand you and your customers,To provide you with one-stop systematic services。

Strong design strength and technical service

International eyeshot and international standard work to remind,Paying attention to and pursue the current technological frontier,Never behind The TimesJQuery、HTML5、CSS3、Reactive sites,One can't be little。

Customer-focused service concept

The tripod with two handles becomes the network is very focus on customer experience,Has established a set of mature professional customer service system。Professional、Enthusiasm、Quick customer service team,Customer's problem can be solved。

Focus on your website security and open at any time

Buying a server independently,Independent research and development site system,With the domestic topIDCCooperation,Everything can only give you to provide professional、High quality、Safe and reliable professional website hosting。

Efficient operations and customer service

Strictly control each customer service number,Round-the-clock customer support,Exclusive technical team to provide operational,Anywhere at any time to provide you with everything about the Internet interface to resolve the problem。

Stick to your principles and values

The tripod with two handles becomes the insist would loss their own interests,Not provide inferior products and service values,Clinch a deal means start and is not the end,We believe you will be more and more like and rely on our service,Create value for you。

The solution

The tripod with two handles becomes the network to provide you with professional Internet marketing solutions

Enterprise website solution

Corporate websites as a network card of the company,The main function is to show the company image and promote the company's services or products。

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Mobile web solutions

With the rapid development of smart phones,The mobile Internet era has arrived,This brings us to an opportunity or a crisis,All depends on how quickly you can ahead。

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The foreign trade website solution

Now many export companies against the network marketing business is not smooth,Combined with the company for many years relative working experience in the Internet,Introduced the English website construction and standardize the design solution。

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Sogou promotion solutions

Sogou search coverage95%Chinese Internet users,By keywords,Help you lock have demand of customers,Without clicking on will not be paid,Free vast opportunities。

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GOOGLETo promote the solution

Google keyword advertising,Is the global advertisers are satisfactory search advertising,Has the world's leading prevent malicious click technology,Effectively improve the target customer conversion rate。

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Search optimization solution

Information age site optimizationseoMore and more important,The more people realize that,The more difficult it is to do it,So what is the value of the site?The value of a site visitor to feel useful。

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Customer case

Is it because of these problems you can't easily do website?

Create for their own Internet image for different customers!

Cycle of a web site is about21Days,Designers make from start to end to cooperate with you。
You can send your website to our consultants,Consultant will be carefully analyzed and marketing advice is given。
We have the specialist is responsible for the server maintenance,Quickly solve problems found,This please rest assured。
This you can stay assured,Will communicate with you carefully before you make a website,Have the free to teach you the background of the service post-production。
This you can stay assured,Do in the process of the website will communicate with you in details,The late has the free teach you the background to use of the service
Under normal circumstances7-15Days can find the name of the company,If you need keywords appear is recommended that you do baidu optimization。

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