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About us

      Binzhou China, intelligent technology co., LTD. Is located in binzhou bohai nine road566Street lamp management,Companies rely on binzhou city high-tech technical personnel、Technical advantage,With years of richITExperience,Professional technical support team,Scientific management system,Now has developed into one of binzhou has a strong strength of the weak current intelligent high-tech companies。Companies with good reputation in the industry,In the domestic set up a wide range of cooperative relations,About hundreds of partners。Binzhou China, intelligent technology co., LTD,Has been committed to the education、The government、The application of the enterprises and institutions to provide professional solutions,Is the national high and new technology enterprise,Is also highly passion and innovation of service enterprises,After several years of development,In the security and intelligence community weak current industry successfully developed a group of loyal users,Get the user's consistent high praise。Since the company2000Since its inception has always been to“The good faith、Efficient、High quality”For clothing...

To provide users with perfect, timely, comprehensive and considerate quality services.

China, intelligent technology — To provide users with perfect、In a timely manner、Comprehensive、Considerate service。

  • C10

  • Cloud visible interphone

  • Ultrasonic heat meterDN20

  • C4

  • All the mobile cloud visible interphone

  • Ultrasonic heat energy tableDN50

  • Ultrasonic heat meterDN20

  • Parking lock

  • Ultrasonic heat meterDN25

  • Channel brake

  • Cloud in the parking lot

  • Ultrasonic heat meterDN32

  • Ultrasonic heat energy tableDN40

  • The ladder control

  • Ultrasonic heat energy tableDN50

  • Zero one wisdom door advertising/01-T

  • Ultrasonic heat energy tableDN80

  • Cloud entrance guard

  • Zero one parking robot

  • B5

  • B12

  • C8

  • B15

  • L1

  • B3

  • M1

  • M2

  • B3PLUS

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Address:Shandong binzhou bohai nine road566Street lamp management