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Jiyuan antai engineering technology co., LTD. Overlook figureJiyuan antai logistics equipment manufacturing co., LTD(YuanJi source antai engineering technology co., LTD),Is a collection of logistics、Warehousing and other energy-saving、Environmental protection、The oil、Chemical industry、Coal preparation equipment research and production of integrated enterprise。The company is located in move mountains——Yu Mr. Hometown of jiyuan city of henan province,Was established2010Years,The registered capital of above ten thousand yuan,Cover an area of an area20000Square meters,Maximum lifting capacity50Tons,All kinds of welding、To shape、Shear、Stamping、Electrostatic pensu equipment150Sets,All kinds of professional and technical personnel and skilled workers80More than;Mainly engaged in logistics、Warehousing、Environmental protection、Energy saving technology research and the associated new technology promotion and equipment manufacturing、Installation and cargo transportation and handling, etc。Is MeiKe workers in Beijing hua yu company designated cooperative unit coal preparation equipment,Can undertake all kinds of size of a full set of the design of coal preparation equipment、Manufacture and installation。Company is a logistics association director unit of henan province、China's chlor-alkali industry association member units、A member of the Chinese association of calcium carbide industry、Henan entrepreneurs association member unit。The company is still2016The annual in henan province《Keep the contract heavy credit unit of henan province》......[To check the details]

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