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China petrochemical engineering construction co., LTDSEI

Sinopec luoyang engineering co., LTDLPEC

Sinopec petroleum engineering design co., LTDSPE

The engineering company of CNPCHQC

Cnooc tianjin chemical research and design instituteCNOOC


ChengDa engineering co., LTD in China

Sinopec qilu petrochemical company

Sinopec shijiazhuang refining branch

China petrochemical puguang gas field

Sinopec yuan dam field

Sinopec Beijing yanshan branch

Sinopec Shanghai gaoqiao branch

Sinopec maoming branch in guangzhou

Sinopec yangzi petrochemical co., LTD 

Sinopec yizheng chemical co., LTD

Sinopec shengli oilfield in shandong

Hohhot China oil refining

China petroleum and anhui wuhu oil terminals

Petrochina daqing oilfield/Daqing petrochemical

China's cnooc hainan east petrochemical1-2Period

Cnooc in Czech petrochemical co., LTD

Cnooc shandong binzhou asphalt co., LTD

Cnooc sales dongguan storage and transportation co., LTD

From the grand petrochemical co., LTD

Qinghai Salt Lake Industry Co., Ltd

Shandong kenley petrochemical group co., LTD

China national chemical shandong huaxing oil chemical industry group co., LTD

China chemical industry in shandong province with chemical group co., LTD

Sinochem yangzhou petrochemical wharf storage co., LTD

China national bluestar nanjing new materials co., LTD

China coal ordos energy chemical industry co., LTD

China coal import and export group co., LTD. Qinhuangdao huaao oil storage and transportation center

Shanxi coal chemical group co., LTD(STR (Shanghai chemical industry)

Longmen coal chemical industry co., LTD

Shenhua bayinnaoer methanol device

China grand new energy co., LTD

Qingdao iron and steel group, yanzhou coking plant

Shandong yulong Tang Yang coal mining group

Shandong yulong coal mining group, single home village

Shandong yantai power plant

In energy saving(Yantai)Biomass thermal power plant

Xinjiang city yongan thermal power plant

Guodian victory(Dongying)Thermal power co., LTD

Shenhua god east power in hequ power plant in Shanxi Province

Costind xichang satellite launch center

Costind taiyuan satellite launch center

Costind jiuquan satellite launch center

Cnac China academy of air-to-air missile

Salt in the red square base fertilizers1-2Phase of the project

Guizhou KaiLin chemical company nitro compound fertilizer

Henan xin lianxin chemical fertilizer co., LTD

Xinjiang's heart energy chemical industry co., LTD

Sichuan days huafu bang chemical co., LTD

Puyang constant embellish built state petroleum chemical industry co., LTD

Styrene and the host of the jiangsu chemical co., LTD1-3Phase of the project

Shanghai Watson chemical co., LTD

Hong Kong built deep chemical group of real friends(Yangzhou)Petrochemical industry1-2Phase of the project

John she huaneng design engineering company in Shanxi Province

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Product categories

+  MDE-IIIntelligent digital type not host is used, controller and mt8880 is system
No host system is introduced
MDE/X9611Intelligent explosion-proof amplifying telephone station(Without a host)
MDE/M9611Intelligent system for the main station
MDE/S9611Intelligent protection amplification telephone station
MDE/T9611Intelligent desktop amplification telephone station
HP25SExplosion-proof speaker
HP25The trumpet loudspeaker type protection
MDE/AL-220VACThe system integrated control cabinet
MDH-IISPC telephone adapter(Optional)
MBJ-IIAlarm signal generator(Optional)
YX3-25KThe indoor wall-mounted speakers
YXX3-25Indoor type suction a top speakers
+  MDE-IIIDigital SPC model is used, controller and mt8880 is the host system
With the host system is introduced
MSW-2000Digital program-controlled scheduling cabinets
MDE/X9611Intelligent explosion-proof amplifying telephone station(With the host)
MDE/M9621Pa dispatcher station
MDE/S9621There is a waterproof host address telephone station
MDE/T9621There is a call the host desktop amplification
MDE/X9611Explosion-proof telephone
FLSeries power amplifier
HK-8800Intelligent digital radio control host
+  MDE-IPNetwork is used, controller and mt8880 is system
Network system is introduced
MDE/X9611Intelligent explosion-proof amplifying telephone station(Network)
MDE/S9631Intelligent protection amplification telephone station(Network)
MDE/T9631Intelligent desktop amplification telephone station(Network)
+  JGLSeries of energy-saving intelligent lighting control device
Intelligent lighting control device is introduced
JGLLighting control of complete sets of cabinet
JGLLighting control wall
JGLLighting control box type

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