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About us

Beijing bao building material co., LTD. Is a sichuan sanhuan,Shaanxi sichuan ring group subordinate independent of a new type of pipe research and development、Production in the integration of high-tech enterprises。 Weinan in shaanxi province。The company in north China、Central China area、Southwest has branch,Radiation throughout the country。The company has passed:ISO9001Quality management system、 ISO14001System and the environmentOHSAS8001Occupational health and safety management system certification。Our company is mainly engaged in“Bao billion”BrandPSPGangsu composite pressure vessel、Steel wire Skeleton plastic pipe net、Steel skeleton plastic clad pipe、Mesh steel strip plastic pipe、Fused fittings、HDPEDouble-wall corrugated pipe、Steel with enhancement spiral corrugated pipe、 HDPEModel steel coil tube、HDPEHollow wall winding pipe、Plastic strengthen check, etc。Widely used in the drinking water、Municipal drainage、Fire water, etc,Can also be used Used in the oil、Electric power、Chemical industry、Coal mine、Medicine and other fields。
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  • The purpose of the enterprise


    Casting well-known brands
    Trust the world customers

  • Enterprise name


    To meet the requirements of economic globalization and knowledge economy era;
    Insist on a full range of innovation drive,Enterprise sustainable

  • Business philosophy


    Take the market as the guidance,Seek development by innovation,On quality
    Industry,Good faith to protect internationalization。


Product display


Product performance

  • Focus on high quality plastic pipes


    - Bao billion LTD focus on high quality plastic pipe
    - Availability timely,Category is rich,Provide complete piping system solutions
    - Committed to building industry quality testing equipment and perfect testing means

  • High cost performance,Reduce the purchasing cost for your company


    - Has its own factory production,Manufacturers selling price is favorable,Compared to the price advantage is obvious
    - Strict controls of each working procedure cost、The decrease of the intermediate links,Ensure that content
    - Can customize product according to your requirements,Reduce the waste your pipes

  • Quality guarantee,Return to problem1%


    - All products adopt environmental protection standard materials,Safe environmental protection
    - All inspection,The service life of more than the market80%The above manufacturer
    - Manufacturer provides straightly,Supply stability,Delivery speed is fast,The price is materially beneficial

  • Professional services,To quickly solve your problem


    - Someone who's in charge of after-sales service,7*24Hours to handle customer problems
    - Provide pre-sale、Sale、After-sales service
    - Professional r&d team,Provide customize service for you


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