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       Rongcheng LuLi weaving co., LTD. Is located in the jiaodong peninsula east coast,And reputation “ The big fishing port in north China ” Of shidao,East is famous “ At the end of the day ” ,North and rewarded in the country —— Weihai adjacent,And is known as the south “ The eastern Switzerland ” Qingdao for the state。Here developed economy,The scenic landscapes,Social public security is good,The sea、Lu、Air traffic is convenient,Is your business negotiations、A good place for business travel shopping。
        We LuLi company is founded 1981 Years,Existing staff400 People,The registered capital 150Thousands of dollars,Fixed assets 4000Ten thousand yuan,Years for processing all kinds of woolen sweater 100 All set。I plant strong technical force,The equipment is advanced,Have all kinds of technical personnel20People,Management personnel20People。The company by tesco、Primack inspection qualified,Company main island of Japan、German stoke international advanced computer knitting machine80Taiwan,Can be processed applique、Jacquard、Empty flowers and other patterns,The machine can produce3G、5G、7G、9G、12GThe sweater。),All kinds of needle type... [ More detailed information ]

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