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Tai\u2019an City Jin Shuilong metal containers co., LTD

The company was founded in2009Years03Month20Day,Is shandong taian distribution(Custom) Shandong double tank factory suppliers,Has a strong and experienced team shandong double tank factory,The core team with many years of industry experience,In the highly competitive pressure vessel is one of the highly regarded company in the industry。Through building excellent market operation team,Inject fresh innovation strength,In the shandong double tank factory on the quality and service,Win the trust of the height of the customer。Companies adhere to the customer、Enterprise、Employees and win-win for the purpose,In order to“The good faith、Quality、Professional dedication、And progress”For the enterprise spirit,Efforts to build the company into a powerful competition...

This co., LTD. Is located in the beautiful scenery of shandong Li,The surrounding scenery,Elegant environment,West resort of mount tai15Kilometers,South is apart from the cultural city of Confucius(Qufu)70Kilometers,North from the provincial capital jinan international airport80Kilometers,The surrounding and jiqing、Shanghai and Beijing、Beijing-fuzhou expressway and104The road is connected,The traffic is very convenient,Communication。

The company technical force is abundant,Advanced production technology,Equipped with complete,Perfect quality assurance system;Company specializing in the productionDevice prizing gas station、Explosion suppression materials,A、2、Three categoriesA2The level of pressure vessel,Kettle and tower type of container、All kinds of storage tank、The liquid ammonia tank、The heat exchanger、Large storage tank、Tank and other non-standard equipment manufacturing、The installation; The power plant、Power plant boiler water treatment equipment environmental protection、The heat-supply heater、Thermal deaerator、The steam generator equipment;Metallurgical mines coal chemical engineering series of non-standard pressure vessel,Daily service tank、Head、Cement silo、Ion exchanger、Water treatment equipment(Electronic processor、Automatic sodium ion exchanger、Differential pressure filter、The entire water processor),According to user requirements also make all kinds of non-standard containers、Gas station oil tank corrosion protection, etc。In addition,Our company also sells a variety of mechanisms stamping head、The cone、Forgings、Pressure vessels and other products。

Our company will follow the China steel welded atmospheric pressure vessel manufacturing standards,Production of good quality、Safe and reliable、Reasonable price of metal containers。We will be more than by the quality and perfect after-sales service to win your trust。The new century,Company with strong economic and technical strength,Excellent product quality,The pursuit of customer satisfaction service business philosophy,New image casting China metal containers。

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