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Selection of the national security of water supply in kaifeng         The big reasonThe choice of the reputation of electrical                      appliances Six reasons6

1Strong production capacity—The inventory is enough、Guarantee the goods time

Focus on no tower water supply equipment research and development、Design、Production、Sales and maintenance of one-stop service

Its modern management production workshop,Optimization of processing trade,Perfect management process,Fast delivery to customers。

2Advanced technology,Environmental protection free from contamination

No tower water supply equipment adopts advanced welding technology,The lining anticorrosion environmental pollution-free。

5Ensure on time delivery

7X24The hours of service system,The company has independent divisions,Coordination of all departments,

And short shipment time fully meet customer requirements,The first time for you to solve any problem,Protect the interests of customers。

6Superior performance

All production processes are done in his workshop,Refused to secondary outsourcing,Source for straight,No generation

Richard/Dealers,Without any intermediate channel,From excess distribution costs,30%The above cost savings,

The savings to the customer to the greatest extent。

3Excellent processing and testing equipment

Follow the international quality management system,Has advanced processing and testing set,The configuration is complete,

Processing equipment up to ten,Is the escort no tower water supply equipment use for a long time。

4More cooperation customers,Good mouth beer

With the well-known domestic enterprises for a long time

Cooperation,Get the customer the consistent high praise,The national security is your trust of choice。

AboutThe national securityABOUT US

Kaifeng the national security of water supply equipment co., LTD

Kaifeng the national security of water supply equipment co., LTD(The original pressure container factory was built in kaifeng1956Years)State-owned enterprises。Cover an area of an area4.7Million square meters。The original value of the assets1242Ten thousand yuan。No tower water supply equipment1977In the factory successfully developed,Belong to domestic initiation。By the state trademark office for registration“The sea whales”。With henan province and technical supervision issued by the manufacturing licenseD1、D2,It happenedGC2Special equipment installation、Renovation and maintenance license and issued by the health department of henan province“The health certificate”,Is the first domestic manufacturer of no tower water supply。Is contract of henan province、Heavy credit enterprise.......

Our factory production“No tower water supply equipment”、Various a、The second class pressure vessel、Fluoride in equipment、Non-standard containers、Various specifications of the ellipsoidal head、Water treatment equipment and chemical equipment,Sell well in domestic27Provinces、The city、Autonomous region,In the user enjoys a high honor。

Our tenet:Strives for the survival by the quality、To the credibility of development,Winning the users with quality and efficient service。

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Congratulations to kaifeng guoan qingming shanghe garden landscape make fog project successfully completedCongratulations to kaifeng guoan qingming shanghe garden landscape make fog project successfully completed,Company designed to improve the outdoor environment for a long time,Unique and efficient cooling energy efficiency design,In order to"Water as raw material”Cool product engineering,Is widely used,Loved by the masses of customers。...[In more detail]
Water treatment equipment specialist:Kaifeng the national security of water supply equipment co., LTDKaifeng the national security of water supply equipment co., LTD. The production process:Professional to create the miracle we according to customer's detailed requirements such as raw water quality and water quality,Water treatment equipment designed in accordance with customer requirements,Production in strict accordance with industry standards。
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Oval head、Hemispherical head manufacturer--The quality security of water supply plantKaifeng head the national security of water supply production is one of the important pressure parts of pressure vessel,Oval head、Dished head、The hemispherical head and taper sealing top several,But because of its simple manufacture,Most applications to ellipse head。...[In more detail]

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