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    Intelligent solutions and application cases

    Body fat said solution

    Five parts of the micro sensor、5gResolution、Weight has no memory、Maternal and infant、Use a balance weight。Body fat rate according to the world famous brand standard。The bluetooth、WlFl、4G、Optional manual input、Prevent slippery、Waterproof、Side。

    Cheap type with patent sensor、SpeciallCAnd glass。

    Automatic container solution
    The Internet of things technology、Micro processing technology、The progress of sensor technology,As well as the national pursuit of the quality of life,The retail industry is rapidly entered...
    Smart home solution
    High precision sensor、Standard digital module、Compatible with all kinds of standard communication interface、Can be customized。Smart to sell container、Big tare small weighing,Intelligent storage shelves、The bed、Massage chair、The refrigerator、The washing machine、Cooking bake home appliance, etc。

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